8 Dec

Backing the blue: Owego police add three new officers

first_imgMayor Mike Baratta told 12 News Thursday the village was awarded a COPS grant, one of eight municipalities across New York State to win the prestigious grant. It will fund three new officers for three years each, and because the village won a waiver, 100% of the funds will come from the federal government. “There was a pretty big community effort, everybody made signs that said ‘I want my OPD’ and really there’s a desire in our community to have a village police department because they perform community policing and they really get to know the community,” Baratta said. OWEGO (WBNG) — Thanks to a new federal grant, the Village of Owego Police Department is more than doubling its number of full-time officers. The grant does require the village to fund the three officers for at least one additional year; however, Baratta said he hopes to keep these officers as part of the department for a long time to come. A few years ago, the village almost dissolved the police department. However, Baratta said the community’s support for the department back then and now is why it has remained successful.last_img read more

15 Dec

A Visual History Of The Last 20 Years Of Open Source Code

first_imgdan rowinski 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… Related Posts The rise in popularity of modern connected computing can be traced to the late 1980s and early 1990s. The personal computer and later the World Wide Web combined to create an unprecedented explosion in the availability of information and the ability to immediately connect to our fellow humans. To the layman, it may seem like magic. But to the people who actually built these systems, using programming languages to manipulate how computers, servers, the Web and other services function just as they were meant to.Most of these programming languages are open, meaning that anybody can use them and add to their functionality. But just as computing has significantly evolved in the last 20 years, so too have the programming languages that developers use to make those computers work. Nothing is static, everything is always evolving. For instance, did you know that one of the most popular open source programming languages in 1993 was Emacs Lisp? For those of you that have never heard of an Emacs, it is a text editor very popular created by free-software guru Richard Stallman that is used among the Linux developer crowd. Because of its extensibility, a lot of programmers use it to create code, because there aren’t a lot of full-fledged integrated developer environments (IDEs) for Linux and what few there are tend to be eschewed. Emacs Lisp is a derivative of the older Lisp programming language. The C programming language was the most popular open source code in 1993 with 51% of total commits in the first quarter that year. Make, a utility that automatically builds executable programs and libraries from source code for Unix developers, was used by 6% of developers in 1993.In the first quarter of 2013, Java was the most used open source code with 12%. C++ registered 11% while HTML had 10%.All of these open source programming languages would have influence on what was to come. C has influenced the evolution of languages like C++, Python, Javascript and Perl. Java helped form the foundations for C# while Python has influenced Ruby. The evolution will continue. In 1993 there were nearly 40 open source programming languages. In 2013 there are almost 100 and new ideas are being created every day. Check out the infographic from mobile cloud services company Kinvey charting the last 20 years of open source code. Data for the infographic was pooled from Ohloh.net and Black Duck Software. Kinvey notes:We were able to visualize the percentage of total commits in a given quarter for the top 16 programming languages from 1993 until today. We hope you’ll find this image—a provocative pattern of dips and spikes—to be as interesting as we do. It truly shows how dynamic the world of programming is. We’ve also included a few graphs on other interesting data points: total number of languages by year, average lines of code per commit, and tracking which languages influenced the development of others. Tags:#Open Source#programming language How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Top image of Open Cola, an open source soft drink, courtesy Wikipedia Commons Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoid Why You Love Online Quizzeslast_img read more

12 Dec

Creative Inspiration: Subaru WRX STI vs Stick Bombs

first_imgIt’s popsicle sticks vs RC cars in Subaru’s awesome “WRX STI vs Stick Bombs” video.You may have seen “stick bombs” around the Internet but you’ve never seen them like this before. Below is the absolute best stick bomb video ever created.For those who don’t know, a stick bomb is created by overlapping popsicle sticks in such a way that when triggered makes them fly in the air. Marketing geniuses at Subaru saw this and decided that it would be a good idea to have a WRX model car race these stick bombs. The result is one of the most impressive and creative marketing stunts we’ve seen.Feel inspired to buy a Subaru?Behind the ScenesThe video was created in Japan by Subaru. Subaru stated that they used over 30,000 sticks to create the explosions and each time they would go off they would have to do it again. They also used over 25 GoPro’s to create the matrix-style pan. The whole video took about 3 days to shoot. For those into video production or advertising, you’ll want to check out this great behind the scenes video demonstrating how the spot was made. Enjoy!Have any tips for shooting stick bombs? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

27 Oct

GIF: St. John’s Stars D’Angelo Harrison And Phil Greene IV Combine For An Awesome Bounce Pass Alley-Oop

first_imga shot of an ncaa basketball before a game(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)No, this was not from a live game, and the basket does look a bit short in the shot, but St. John’s basketball stars D’Angelo Harrison and Phil Greene IV combined for an awesome alley-oop for a Big East Tournament video shoot. Harrison throws a perfect bounce pass which Greene collects during a mid-air spin for a big two-handed dunk. The slow-motion camera work definitely adds something here as well.Harrison to Greene at the #BIGEASTtourney video shoot #SJUBB pic.twitter.com/BOkNd6Vgw5— St. John’s BBall (@StJohnsBBall) March 9, 2015St. John’s is a five seed in this week’s Big East Tournament. The Red Storm kick off the post-season against four-seed Providence at 2:30 on Thursday, March 12.last_img read more

27 Oct

North Texas Trolls Tennessee On Twitter Regarding Field Conditions

first_imgA North Texas fan paints the ground with green paint.north texas trolls tennessee on twitterNorth Texas is in town to take on Tennessee this Saturday, and it appears that the Mean Green aren’t impressed with what they’re seeing at Neyland Stadium. Tennessee’s field doesn’t appear to be in great condition, and people have noticed. North Texas appears to be annoyed enough to make a joke about it on social media too.Check this out:Pretty sure this is what took place at Neyland Stadium on Friday. #GMG pic.twitter.com/IVtS2o1T4o— MeanGreenFootball (@MeanGreenFB) November 14, 2015Here’s more reaction – even Tennessee fans seem upset.You would think an SEC program could take better care of the grass on the field #Tennessee— John Chelf (@JohnChelf) November 14, 2015You would think there’s enough money at Tennessee to fix the field. This is awful.— Please win out (@Rick__Baird) November 14, 2015Time for the Tennessee donors to put a new field in it seems— Austin Comperry (@AustinComperry) November 14, 2015Tennessee currently leads 17-0 in the second quarter.last_img read more

24 Oct

Government to Launch Revolving Loan Scheme for Selected Crops

first_imgStory Highlights Addressing farmers in Douglas Castle, St. Ann, on September 19, the Minister said that RADA will assist farmers with land preparation. In another two weeks, the Government will be launching a revolving loan scheme for farmers across the island for selected crops. In another two weeks, the Government will be launching a revolving loan scheme for farmers across the island for selected crops.Under the arrangement, registered farmers with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), will access the support through their local farm organisations, which will oversee the repayment of the loans.Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. J.C. Hutchinson, said the initiative has support from several private-sector partners, and funds will only be loaned for crops that have available markets.Addressing farmers in Douglas Castle, St. Ann, on September 19, the Minister said that RADA will assist farmers with land preparation.The function. dubbed ‘Salute to Farmers’, was organised by St. Jago Farm and Hardware Supplies (SJFHS) to honour farmers for exemplary service in agriculture.Mr. Hutchinson said markets are “guaranteed” for the crops that will be grown under the programme.Some 96 farmers in the area received agricultural inputs from SJFHS, including a spraying machine.Meanwhile, Executive member of the Douglas Castle Production and Marketing Organisation, Bishop Paul Black, said recently they implemented a revolving loan programme with a 98 per cent success rate.He called on potential beneficiaries of the new scheme to be honest, so that the system works for the farmers.Several farmers welcomed the help that they received from SJFHS, as it will help to boost production, given the loss from the recent floods.For his part, Managing Director of SJFHS, O’Brien Johnson, said his company will be taking the programme to St. Thomas and St. Elizabeth.He argued that farming needs all the support it can possible get, and the farmers should use the items wisely.“This is intended to motivate them, and for them to recognise that they are doing something good,” Mr. Johnson said. Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. J.C. Hutchinson, said the initiative has support from several private-sector partners, and funds will only be loaned for crops that have available markets.last_img read more

30 Sep

Trent Richardson All Smiles About Colts Trade

Running back Trent Richardson, who was traded from the Cleveland Brown to Indianapolis Colts earlier this week, says he has no malice towards his former team for their decision. In a recent interview, Richardson focused on the excitement of being a Colts player.The 2012 No. 3 overall draft pick will now be on a team with all-star players such as Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and up-and-coming receiver,  T.Y. Hilton, which is why Richardson may be so positive about the trade.“[The Colts] gave up a first-round pick. That shows a lot of respect they have for me,” said Richardson, who will wear No. 34 with the Colts. “Playing against these guys twice, just seeing how they are around each other when they’re on the sideline, how they’re jelling together, just being in the locker room for these couple hours, it’s been a big change. They’re happy to come to work, and they’re ready to go.”The Colts traded a first-round pick in the 2014 draft to get Richardson from Cleveland on Wednesday. Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson said he first approached the Browns about Richardson earlier in the week.“He loves football,” Grigson said about Richardson. “He has the right body type for his style as a runner, and his style fits this offense.”Richardson has 1,055 yards, 3.5 yards per carry, on 298 carries through his first 17 career games—a total of 11 touchdowns with the Browns. He also caught 58 passes for 418 yards and another TD. read more

28 Sep

We Updated Our College Football Model And Now Michigan Looks Slightly Less

2Ohio StateMichigan Wisconsin OklahomaPenn State— How accounting for head-to-head results changes playoff odds 5MichiganWisconsin Penn State ColoradoOhio State— 8Colorado—MichiganWashington Alabama9292 How the top 10 teams have fared head-to-head 6Wisconsin—Ohio State MichiganPenn State 4Washington——Colorado We’ve been getting a lot of angry notes from Michigan fans. And even though I’m from East Lansing, I think they have a point. Sort of.Here’s the rub: Michigan fans claim their Wolverines have a shot at the college football playoff, even though they rank fifth (the top four teams make the playoff) and have finished their regular season (Wisconsin and Penn State are playing for the Big Ten championship instead).Even the most rabid Michigan backers don’t expect their team to displace any of the current top four if everyone wins out. Undefeated No. 1 Alabama is one of the strongest college teams in history and will become the SEC Champion if it beats Florida on Saturday. No. 2 Ohio State — which, like Michigan, is idle this weekend — just beat Michigan last Saturday. And No. 3 Clemson and No. 4 Washington are potential one-loss conference champions, while two-loss Michigan is neither of those things.Alabama would have a decent shot at the playoff even with a loss, but if either Clemson or Washington falls, another slot could open up. Apart from Michigan, the most plausible contenders to fill it are Wisconsin and Penn State — whichever one wins the Big Ten championship — and Colorado, if it beats Washington for the Pac-12 title.Wisconsin, Penn State and Colorado would each be 11-2 conference champions, as compared to 10-2 non-champion Michigan. The playoff selection committee explicitly accounts for conference championships as part of its selection criteria. So Michigan has a hard argument to make, it would seem.Except for one thing: Michigan played Wisconsin, Penn State and Colorado. It beat all three of them. And although the committee says it considers conference championships, it also says it takes head-to-head results into account. How would the committee weigh everything? Nobody’s quite sure. RANKSCHOOLWINSLOSSESPLAYING THIS WEEK Oklahoma65 10Oklahoma State——Oklahoma Oklahoma State12 Michigan16 3Clemson——— Ohio State92%94% CHANCE OF MAKING COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF Penn State2122 Clemson8081 Washington6666 SCHOOLPREVIOUSLYWITH HEAD-TO-HEAD ADJUSTMENT Wisconsin3021 Colorado1010 7Penn StateOhio StateMichiganWisconsin 9Oklahoma—Ohio StateOklahoma State Our college football playoff model, however, had been putting a fairly heavy thumb on the scale against Michigan. That’s because we’d programmed it to account for conference championships, but not for head-to-head results. Why not? There wasn’t any particularly good reason; we’d intended to build in a head-to-head adjustment earlier this fall and then got distracted by that whole presidential election thing. Also, because head-to-head results didn’t happen to matter very much in the first two years of the committee’s rankings — there was no case analogous to the one Michigan faces this year — we didn’t have much data on how much the committee really cares about them.Still, we think making some effort to account for head-to-head results is better than nothing, even if we’re basically just making an educated guess about the magnitude of the effect. So we’ve built an adjustment into our model. As before, the program runs a series of simulations in which it plays out the remaining games and estimates how the committee will rank the teams. Then there’s a new step: It checks to see if teams that are ranked in close proximity played one another. If in one simulation it initially had Colorado ranked No. 4 and Michigan No. 5, for instance, it might flip them because of the head-to-head result. Or it might not: The magnitude of the head-to-head adjustment is randomized a bit from simulation to simulation but generally set to a fairly conservative value. (We’ll recalibrate everything next year; how the committee untangles Michigan and the other teams will tell us a lot about how much it really cares about head-to-head play.)As a result of this change, Michigan’s chance of making the playoff increases to 6 percent. That’s still not very good — the model thinks it’s unlikely that the committee will put an idle team into the playoff, especially when it has two losses and didn’t win its conference championship. (The loss to Ohio State is especially complicating, because the committee would have to take two teams from the Big Ten but not the conference champion?) The committee could also evade the head-to-head question by taking two-loss Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, whichever one wins the Big 12 this weekend,1The Big 12 doesn’t have a championship game, but Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are playing one another, and it just so happens that the winner of that game will win the Big 12. instead of a second Big Ten team. But 6 percent is an improvement for Michigan from the 1 percent chance our model gave it before the adjustment. 1Alabama——— Apart from Michigan, this change also affects Ohio State’s calculus a bit. Aren’t the Buckeyes shoo-ins? Would the committee really demote a team all the way from No. 2 to No. 5?Probably not, but consider what happened in 2014. The committee — to our model’s surprise — dropped TCU all the way from No. 3 to No. 6 in its final rankings despite TCU having won. We learned from that experience that the committee isn’t necessarily all that consistent from week to week. So Ohio State, which won’t be the Big Ten champion, might be just a little bit nervous if the committee decides it values conference championships highly.But it matters which team wins the Big Ten instead of Ohio State. If it’s Wisconsin, the Buckeyes have less to worry about because they beat the Badgers head-to-head. (Wisconsin might make the playoff as a second Big Ten team, but probably not without Ohio State making it as well.) Ohio State lost to Penn State in the regular season, however. So if Penn State wins the Big Ten, it will be able to cite both a head-to-head victory and a conference championship in its case to get in ahead of Ohio State. Our model expects that Ohio State would probably still make it under such circumstances — quite possibly alongside Penn State — but it isn’t quite as safe. (In the new version of our model, Ohio State has a 97 percent chance of making the playoff if Wisconsin wins the Big Ten and a 91 percent chance if Penn State wins instead.)So almost no matter what happens, we’ll be left with a bit of a mess. One solution? Expand the playoff to six or eight teams, so the close calls stemming from janky conference-championship scenarios are resolved on the field and not in a conference room. read more

28 Sep

Twitter ban instituted for Ohio State football players

Following Ohio State football’s 24-17 loss to Florida in the 2012 Gator Bowl, members of the team are turning the page on this past season and turning off their Twitter accounts. Several players confirmed after the Monday loss to the Gators in Jacksonville, Fla., that new OSU head coach Urban Meyer had scheduled a 7 a.m. Tuesday meeting with non-senior members of the program. At the meeting, the team was informed that Twitter use would be banned, according to several players’ Twitter accounts. The OSU athletic department did not immediately respond to The Lantern’s request for comment regarding the team’s new social media guidelines. Players took their Twitter accounts to alert the public to the new policy. From his Twitter account, @STONEYeleven, junior tight end Jake Stoneburner said at approximately 1 p.m.: “Twitter=Done. Me=back for senior year, leading this team, and shocking the world!! #gobucks #12-0″ Junior tight end Reid Fragel commented on the newly implemented Twitter ban from his account, @FRAGEL88, at around noon Tuesday, saying: “New staff new rules. No more twitter, not a big deal and probably for the better. Love our fans, love this place. Go Bucks #2012” Not every player praised the social media ban. From his account, @phillybrown10, sophomore wide receiver Corey “Philly” Brown said: “I’m not leaving my followers lol.” Meyer, along with his new coaching staff, assumed control of the football team following OSU’s Monday loss in the bowl game. read more