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CHAN 2018: Desabre confident Uganda can still progress to the quarters

first_img Tags: top Some of the Cranes players celebrating the solitary goal they managed against Zambia on Sunday. Courtesy photo.FOOTBALL–Ahead of the Cranes second group game at the 2018 CHAN tournament, head coach Sebastian Desabre is confident the team can still progress to the knockout stage despite currently occupying the last spot.The French man who has over seen only one competitive fixture since he took charge wants a positive response from his players.“Yes it is one tournament and it’s three games. We lost the first game but we have another chance to win the next one. We all have to get behind the team because it will not be easy against Namibia but i believe we are ready for the task ahead,” Desabre said after Wednesday’s training session.“I asked for a good and positive reaction from the players in the final group games because we still have a good chance to go through to the next round. Concluded the former Ismaily tactician,” he added.Uganda lost its first game 3-1 to group leaders Zambia in one of the games of the tournament so far.One or two changes to the team may be effected as goalkewper Benjamin Ochan who was at fault for Zambia’s third goal paves way for first choice Ismail Watenga.Another change may occur either at left back as KCCA’s Isaac Muleme was so exposed in the first game or in the attacking midfield area due to the inefficiency of Muzamir Mutyaba.After Wednesday’s training session, midfielder Saddam Juma highlighted on the fact that the mistakes made in the first game should be avoided against Namibia.“We have prepared well for the next game. Said Ibrahim Saddam Juma. We expect that the team will be positive and try to play like we did in the first half against Zambia,” he said.“We made a lot of mistakes in the second half of that game (Zambia) but hopefully we will avoid such scenarios because we need to win both games starting with the one against Namibia,” he added.Anything but a win will leave the Cranes chances of progression to the next round hanging by a thread.Uganda has never qualified to the knockout stages of CHAN in any of the three times they have featured in the tournament and with the loss to Zambia in the first game fresh in the memory of the fans, the hopes of making history in Morocco are as slim as they can get at the moment.Other group B game tomorrow.Zambia vs Morocco @7:30pm at the same venue.Group B standings.1. Zambia 3pts.2. Namibia 3pts.3. Ivory Coast 0pts.4. Uganda 0pts.Comments last_img read more

18 Dec

South Africa’s wildlife wonders

first_imgCities have grown, much land has been given over to farming, hunting has wiped out entire herds, and the times when a herd of springbok could take days to pass through a Karoo town are long past.A pair of cheetahs in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. (Image: South African Tourism)Brand South Africa reporterThanks to the foresight of conservationists past and present, South Africa remains blessed with abundant wildlife.The Big FiveThe big catsLesser known wildlifeOver 200 mammal speciesMarine mammals and fishThe crocodile … and other reptilesBirdlifeThe Big FiveBest known are the mammals, and the best known of these are the famous Big Five: elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. Not that giraffe, hippo or whale are small …South Africa’s bushveld and savannah regions are still home to large numbers of the mammals universally associated with Africa.The Kruger National Park alone has well over 10 000 elephants and 20 000 buffaloes – in 1920 there were an estimated 120 elephants left in the whole of South Africa.The white rhino has also been brought back from the brink of extinction and now flourishes both in the Kruger National Park and the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park in KwaZulu-Natal. Attention now is on protecting the black rhino.Both these parks are home to all of the Big Five, as are other major reserves in South Africa – such as Pilanesberg in North West province – and numerous smaller reserves and private game lodges.The big catsAside from occupying the top rung of the predation ladder, the lion also tops the glamour stakes. Sadly, it does have one formidable enemy in humankind, which has expelled it from most of the country so that it now remains almost exclusively in conservation areas.The beautiful leopard survives in a larger area, including much of the southern Cape and far north of the country, although numbers are small in some places.The cheetah is the speed champ, capable of dashes of almost 100 kilometres an hour. Its population is comparatively small and confined mostly to the far north (including the Kruger National Park), the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the Northern Cape, and reserves in KwaZulu-Natal and North West province.Lesser known wildlifeOther quintessentially African large animals are the hippo, giraffe, kudu, wildebeest (the famous gnu) and zebra, all frequently seen in South Africa’s conservation areas.Heightened awareness, however, has created an increased appreciation of lesser known animals. A sighting of the rare tsessebe (a relative of the wildebeest) may cause as much excitement as the sight of a pride of lion. And while one can hardly miss a nearby elephant, spotting the shy little forest-dwelling suni (Livingstone’s antelope) is cause for self-congratulation.On the really small scale, one could tackle the challenge of ticking off each of South Africa’s seven species of elephant shrew – a task that would take one all over the country and, probably, a long time to accomplish.Over 200 mammal speciesWith well over 200 species, a short survey of South Africa’s indigenous mammals is a contradiction in terms. A few examples will help to indicate the range.In terms of appeal, primates rate highly. In South Africa they include the nocturnal bushbabies, vervet and samango monkeys, and chacma baboons which – encouraged by irresponsible feeding and under pressure through loss of habitat – have become unpopular as raiders of homes on the Cape Peninsula.Dassies (hyraxes, residents of rocky habitats) and meerkats (suricates, familiar from their alert upright stance) have tremendous charm, although the dassie can be an agricultural problem.The secretive nocturnal aardvark (which eats ants and is the only member of the order Tubulidentata) and the aardwolf (which eats termites and is related to the hyaena) are two more appealing creatures, and both are found over virtually the whole country.And for those who like their terrestrial mammals damp, there is the widely distributed Cape clawless otter, which swims in both fresh and sea water. The spotted-necked otter has a more limited territory. Both are rare, however, and difficult to spot.One mammal whose charm is recently acquired is the wild dog or Cape hunting dog, one of Africa’s most endangered mammals. Once erroneously reviled as indiscriminate killers but now appreciated both for their ecological value and their remarkably caring family behaviour, wild dog packs require vast territories.They are found in small numbers in the Kruger National Park and environs, northern KwaZulu-Natal (including the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park), the Kalahari, and the Madikwe reserve in North West province.More common canine carnivores are the hyaena, jackal and bat-eared fox. Feline carnivores – besides the big cats mentioned above – include the caracal with its characteristic tufted ears, the African wild cat and the rare black-footed cat. Other flesh eaters include the civet, genet and several kinds of mongoose.The plant eaters are well represented by various antelope, from the little duiker to the large kudu and superbly handsome sable antelope, which is found only in the most northerly regions.Mammals take to the air, too: South Africa is well endowed with bat species.Marine mammals and fishAnd they take to the sea. The largest mammal of all – in South Africa and the world – is the blue whale, which can grow to 33 metres in length.But of the eight whale species found in South African waters (including the dramatic black-and-white killer whale), the most frequently seen by humans is the southern right whale. This imposing creature comes into coastal bays to calve, allowing for superb land-based viewing.The southern right whale represents one of conservation’s success stories. Once considered the “right” whale to hunt, its population became so depleted that it was designated a protected species. With the greater familiarity that their return to the coastal bays has produced, they are now as well loved as the many dolphins in our coastal waters.South Africa’s seas are rich in fish species. Perhaps the most awesome of these is the great white shark, but this is only one of more than 2 000 species, comprising 16% of the world’s total. Various line fish, rock lobster and abalone are of particular interest to gourmets, while pelagic fish (sardines and pilchards) and hake have large- scale commercial value.The crocodile … and other reptilesLess generously endowed with freshwater fish – 112 named species, a mere 1.3% of the world total – South Africa nonetheless has one river-dweller that is, as much as any of the Big Five, a symbol of Africa. The crocodile still rules some stretches of river and estuary, lakes and pools, exacting an occasional toll in human life.Other aquatic reptiles of note are the sea-roaming loggerhead and leatherback turtles, the focus of a major community conservation effort at their nesting grounds on the northern KwaZulu-Natal shoreline.South Africa’s land reptiles include rare tortoises and the fascinating chameleon. There are well over 100 species of snake. While about half of them, including the python, are non-venomous, others – such as the puffadder, green and black mamba, boomslang and rinkhals – are decidedly so.The country’s comparative dryness accounts for its fairly low amphibian count – 84 species. To make up for that, however, South Africa boasts over 77 000 species of invertebrates.BirdlifeBirders from around the world come to South Africa to experience the country’s great variety of typically African birds, migrants, and endemics (those birds found only in South Africa).Of the 850 or so species that have been recorded in South Africa, about 725 are resident or annual visitors, and about 50 of these are endemic or near-endemic.Apart from the resident birds, South Africa hosts a number of intra-African migrants such as cuckoos and kingfishers, as well as birds from the Arctic, Europe, Central Asia, China and Antarctica during the year.South Africa’s birdlife ranges from the ostrich – farmed in the Oudtshoorn district of the Western Cape, but seen in the wild mostly in the north of the country – through such striking species as the hornbills to the ubiquitous LBJs (“Little Brown Jobs”).One small area alone, around the town of Vryheid in northern KwaZulu-Natal, offers wetlands, grasslands, thornveld and both montane and riverine forest, and around 380 species have been recorded there.A birder need not move out of a typical Johannesburg garden to spot grey loeries, mousebirds, hoopoes, hadeda ibises, crested and black-collared barbets, Cape whiteyes, olive thrushes … or a lone Burchell’s coucal poking clumsily around a tree. And that would by no means complete the list.Among the most spectacular birds of South Africa are the cranes, most easily spotted in wetlands – although the wattled crane is a lucky find as it is extremely uncommon. The beautiful blue crane is South Africa’s national bird, while the crowned crane is probably the flashiest of the three with its unmistakable prominent crest.Among its larger bird species, South Africa also has several eagles and vultures. Among its most colourful are kingfishers, bee-eaters, sunbirds, the exquisite lilacbreasted roller, and the Knysna and purple-crested louries.Reviewed December 2016.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

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Wiwigs Stunning XXX Long Wavy Dark Coffee Brown Ladies Wigs Skin top BANGS Wig UK, Pleasantly good quality, and looks adorable

first_imgArrived this early morning and its lovely and comprehensive with a magnificent cut. Granted the fringe needs a trim but unwell get my hairdresser to do this. Is meant to warmth up to 150 so time will inform how it washes and straightens but total its gorgeous and appears like serious hair.The quality is extremely good and as witnessed on the photograph. The clip at the again is a very little uncomfortable but typically joyful with the excellent.I employed this wig for halloween i was a vampire and together with my makeup no a single recognised me i experienced strangers and even my close friends complimenting me on my hair not realising it was a wigvery fantastic high-quality for a synthetic wig and the value.Key specs for Stunning XXX Long Wavy Dark Coffee Brown Ladies Wigs Skin top BANGS Wig UK:Head size: Adjustable size to fit head circumference approx. 20″-23″. Most head sizes are within this range. Customers can adjust the hook inside the wig to get the right size for you.Brand New, with TagsColour Code: #6;Length: 26″Material: Top Quality and No Flammable Kanekalon Synthetic Hair. Feel like real hair. 100% Originated from Japan. Best in Wigs.Comments from buyers“For this price definitely worth it, Great hair for the money!, Good quality, suitable for daylight”I bought this item only a number of days in the past and i have already obtained it, so i am pretty joyful with the delivery. As lovely as the wig is, it really is not the similar as the graphic (at least mines was not). I will not come to feel it was despatched in the very same hair ‘style’, and the color was really a little bit lighter than i envisioned, so it won’t really suit me as much as i would hoped. The content is wonderful while, and the ends do truly feel very natural. In comparison, the top would not come to feel as ‘natural’, and in some spots of mine the underlying lace could a little bit be noticed. Over-all, it can be a attractive solution and i would in all probability buy from this seller again, even so i am going to almost certainly require to acquire a couple of shades darker than what i want.This is the greatest wig iv ever had, i normally get human hair wigs but this synthetic sits nicer and would not have that phony shine so i desire thisi’m so joyful with this item i am now on my 3rd. Good value for money and feels very comfortable. Extremely quick shipping and delivery, very good good quality and design and style as proven in the picture. One star off from me, for the reason that it appears to be like black alternatively than dark brown and it looks really shiny/ ‘wiggy’ in synthetic mild (evenings, pictures).I’ve gained a compliment from practically anyone who saw me at operate sporting this, and numerous thought i basically dyed my possess hair – even although mine’s a great deal shorter. Really whole and wavy, even right after the cargo – it is actually not really hard to carry them back again to everyday living, so to talk. Appears to be reasonably all-natural, even though a keener eye will undoubtedly know something’s way too ideal about that ‘do. Over-all, a truly beautiful wig. My head getting on the larger sized size, i need to say it in shape really perfectly way too, even though by the conclude of the day might head did commence to experience weary. Then all over again i don’t dress in wigs often at all.Despite the fact that the hair often uncomplicated to fall when i comb it, probably i need to brush it much more gently.I enjoy this wig , i adore the texture, , will unquestionably acquire once more. I would propose to a good friend.Acquired this great wig a handful of weeks back. Stunning, experienced masses of compliments, its really thick and full bodied appreciate it.I was blown away when i opened this final 7 days. These kinds of a whole wig, and the hair is pretty reasonable. It is extremely long, but that was what i preferred, and the waves stayed in after a couple days of carrying it off and on, and in the rain. Only issue was it was not as dark as i wanted it to be, so i have ordered an additional in a different type from the very same firm, and i am trying to keep this a single also, for the reason that i adore the fringe and how complete it is.Really satisfied with my order, the cost was good and the wig is lovely, superb top quality.My friends were being surprised when i stated the price because it appears to be a seriously very good top quality. It receives conveniently tangled however but i also put it back to the bag, so possibly keeping it on a model head would likely a greater. The only problem was with the bangs. Arrives constantly in my experience and you can’s seriously place it to a person facet because of to the way it is sewed collectively.Bought for my daughter swift shipping and excellent benefit.Got this so when i am acquiring a lousy hair day i can go over it up and i also enjoy really long hair. The wig is thick and shiny and quite a few persons believed it was my actual hair. Only downside was that it gets, knotted at the finishes simply but i think that’s for all long wigs which would make sense. Posted on February 13, 2019Author Nathalie DuboisCategories UncategorizedTags Wiwigs SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2019-02-13 11:29:03Reviewed Item Stunning XXX Long Wavy Dark Coffee Brown Ladies Wigs Skin top BANGS Wig UKRating 5.0 / 5  stars, based on  19  reviewslast_img read more

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Cause of deadly air ambulance helicopter crash remains a mystery

first_img(Dustin Dagenais was one of the paramedics killed in helicopter crash. Facebook photo)APTN National NewsAn air ambulance helicopter heading to Attawapiskat in northern Ontario to pick up a patient crashed shortly after taking off just past midnight Friday, killing all four people aboard.The Sikorsky S76 helicopter built in 1980, crashed at about 12:11 a.m. after leaving the Ornge base in Moosonee, Ont., said Rob Giguere, chief operating officer for the air and land ambulance firm that operates throughout Ontario.The crashed killed pilots, Capt. Don Filliter, of Skead, Ont., and Jacques Dupuy, from Otterburn Park, Que., along with paramedics Dustin Dagenais, of Moose Factory, Ont., and Chris Snowball, from Burlington, Ont.The helicopter wreckage was found about a kilometre away from the Ornge base.The federal Transportation Safety Board has sent investigators to the site.Giguere said it remains unclear what caused the accident. He said there was “good visibility” at the time with overcast skies.Dagenais had been posted in the region for about five years, according to a colleague who requested anonymity.“He was a person that would go out there for anybody,” said the colleague. “I know talking to him, he always said he was one of those guys that would stick up for the person that was not so popular or the guy getting picked on. That is how he lived his life, he was very giving. He was probably one of the nicest guys I ever knew.”At Dagenais’ home a friend said people were concerned about his wife and his family.At the paramedics station in Attawapiskat the scene was also somber.“Everyone is pretty upset,” said one of the paramedics posted there. “The phone has been ringing off the hook.”last_img read more

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OJ Simpson Was with Colin Kaepernicks Protest And Then

O.J. Simpon sided with President Trump over Colin Kaepernick when it comes to protesting the national anthem. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)/Julie Jacobson-Pool/Getty Images/)O.J. Simpson doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick made the best decision when he decided to kneel during the national anthem two NFL seasons ago. While the formerly incarcerated football star initially gave the ex-San Francisco 49er credit for standing up for his beliefs, he admitted he felt Kaep made a “mistake.”“I think Colin made a mistake,” Simpson told Buffalo News Friday, March 16. “I really appreciate what he was trying to say. I thought he made a bad choice in attacking the flag.“I grew up at a time when deacons were in the KKK,” adds Simpson, who generally sides with President Donald Trump on his stance on NFL players protesting. “I don’t disrespect the Bible because of those guys. The flag shouldn’t be disrespected because of what cops do. The flag represents what we want America to be.”Trump has voiced similar support for the flag and last year he called for players who exercise their first amendment right on the field to be fired.Ahead of Trump’s statement, Kaepernick left the 49ers and became a free agent. He hasn’t been signed by an NFL team ever since.Still, other athletes have protested the anthem too and his movement has spread beyond football and into leagues like the NHL.“When he did it the first time I thought, ‘Well, you took a gamble, and I give you credit,’” Simpson said, reflecting on Kaepernick. “But it was him continuing to do it where he made the biggest mistake.“I’m a firm believer of doing what you think is right, but I would always stand for the flag.” read more

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Sex worker attacked health condition critical

first_imgKolkata: A sex worker of Sonagachhi was injured after being attacked by a youth.The incident had taken place on Imam Box lane on Thursday. The 28-year-old woman was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. Police said the victim was in her room when the accused went inside her room on Thursday night. The accused later stabbed her with a sharp weapon and fled the spot. After being informed police reached the spot and started a probe. The victim’s husband rushed her to the hospital. Her health condition is stated to be serious. According to police, a surgery was performed on the patient at RG Kar Medical College and Hospital. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIt was learnt that some locals heard the victim screaming in pain. They rushed to her room and found her lying in a pool of blood. The victim’s husband, who was around, rushed to the spot following the incident and took her to the hospital. The investigating officers are waiting for the woman to recover following which she would be interrogated. Cops are yet to ascertain the exact motive behind the attack. Some locals mentioned that there are allegations against the victim. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThey told police there had been instances where the woman had snatched money from her clients. None has, however, lodged any police complaint against the woman. A detailed probe has been initiated to ascertain the exact cause of the attack. The accused has been at large since the incident took place. Police also came to know that the accused had visited the victim on earlier occasions as well. They are trying to know the whereabouts of the accused. Raids are being to nab the culprit.last_img read more

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7 Novice Mistakes to Avoid When Adopting Smart Devices for Your Company

first_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now 7 min read Enroll Now for Free It typically takes careful planning and execution to be successful when adopting any new technology. Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices are no different. The problem is that some of us typically get too enamored with the technology. We often fail to take into account the realities that our respective companies face.Hopping on to the IoT bandwagon without planning is a recipe for disaster. A study by Cisco revealed that only 26 percent of surveyed companies were successful with their IoT initiatives. Whether it is updating firmware, security vulnerabilities or simply not taking user experience into account, it is critical for companies to avoid common stupid mistakes when adopting IoT.Here are seven common pitfalls you should avoid now that IoT devices have infiltrated your office.1. Don’t be cheap.The market is now flooded with cheap IoT devices. On the upside, these low-cost devices lower the barriers to adoption. On the downside, they can also be security risks. These devices typically have few security features and minimal active support. These leave them vulnerable to malware and expose infrastructures to cyberattacks in case potential exploits are found in their software, which means that companies need to implement additional solutions in order to maintain control.“In IoT initiatives, organizations often don’t have control over the source and nature of the software and hardware being utilized by smart connected devices,” notes Ruggero Contu, a research director at Gartner. “We expect to see demand for tools and services aimed at improving discovery and asset management, software and hardware security assessment, and penetration testing.”These solutions can be costly, mind you, which is why Gartner predicts spending on IoT security to reach $3.1 billion in the next three years. Make sure you invest in devices that have essential security features such as user authentication, data protection, and upgradable firmware. Get devices from companies that have active support and development for their products. Take time to identify vendors that could provide you with longer-term support that cover the lifespan of the devices.Related: 25 Innovative IoT Companies and Products You Need to Know2. Overlooking alignment with business goals.You have to know why you’re starting an IoT project. What business goals do you intend to meet? Do you intend to reduce costs, gather more data, or automate processes? Knowing this would make it easier for you to match appropriate IoT solutions for what you seek to improve.Having a goal in mind also lets you avoid the trap of novelty. Are you installing Nest thermostats because it’s the cool thing to do or are you really keen on reducing energy costs? Just because everyone else is installing these devices doesn’t mean that you should also rush to do the same.Try to determine how these devices enhance your ability to deliver value to your internal and external customers. Your strategy should also consider extracting as much value from the effort. For example, the data from IoT devices should fuel business intelligence efforts.3. Overlooking the ongoing need for maintenance.Each device you integrate with your network is an additional endpoint that needs to be managed and secured. By adopting IoT at your company, you’re likely to see a spike in the number of devices connected to your network.“As our ownership of smart technology expands, there will become a moment in time when you will no longer have the instant knowledge of the devices in your home or office which could be used to expose critical vulnerabilities, breach your network or steal your identity,” notes Robert Brown, Cloud Management Suite’s director of services.Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are now the standard for many organizations. These typically increase staff productivity by ensuring that they are connected and productive wherever they are. However, you must anticipate the addition of these devices to your infrastructure and consider them in your strategy.Evaluate how well-equipped your IT team is to manage additional devices. Invest in the proper tools and technologies that would help them be more efficient in maintaining your infrastructure.Related: 3 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Facing Small Businesses Right Now4. Ignoring security warnings.Many IoT devices claim to be user-friendly but sometimes this simplicity contributes to vulnerabilities. Many devices are left exposed to attacks just because users haven’t bothered properly configuring them.Check if you’ve done basic security checks like changing the default access to administration panels of devices. Most malware bots target devices that are left using default usernames and passwords. Are your devices running on the most up-to-date firmware and software? Patches must also be regularly deployed to ensure that recently-addressed vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed.Staff members’ own devices are also potential security weak points. Make sure you have measures and protocols that ensure that your data and network are secure especially when accessed through these devices.5. No contingencies.IoT devices rely on connectivity to function. But what happens when the Wi-Fi or the internet goes out? If you rely on being online all the time, then you’re inviting trouble. Check if your devices have the options to function offline and temporarily store data locally before resyncing to the cloud at a later time. This way, you will still be able to function without any loss of productivity and data even if you lose internet.“Despite all the advancements in technology, database, hardware, and software downtime are an expected aspect of doing business,” notes Matt Woodward, who serves as VP Digital Transformation at Rand Group. “The only way to mitigate the risk is to prepare and have the right technology in place to monitor, restore and restart.”In addition, you may also want to implement redundancies, backups and failover measures. Cloud backup solutions help not only to prevent data loss but for businesses to recover and become operational quickly in the event of downtime. Downtime is costly to any enterprise. If you’re not prepared to invest in these measures at the moment, then reconsider embarking on IoT altogether.Related: This Cloud-Based Data Service Makes the IoT Less WTF6. Forcing technology on people.Success of IoT projects also relies on how well staff can use the technology to achieve results. However, new technologies sometimes get forced on them. It’s important to have people of all levels buy into the effort.Educate your staff about how these new devices and measures will make them more productive. They must also be involved, or at least consulted, so that you’d be able to create an engaging working environment that truly delivers value for everyone.Users must also be educated on how to use the technology. Among the key reasons why technology adoption efforts fail is when users don’t know how to fully maximize these technologies. If your company has a permissive BYOD policy, staff members should be oriented in best practices for keeping their own devices secure.7. Failing to establish metrics.Performance of any project must be tracked for results. Many tend to complicate matters by considering too many factors when measuring how well their projects fare. Usually it is enough to use simple metrics that focus on the business goals you are aiming for.Metrics could focus on uptime (devices deployed vs. devices operational), deployment speed (how quickly were you able to deploy), cost vs. savings (in the case of energy management), productivity (faster movement of products from warehouse to shipping), and revenue (additional sales).It’s best to focus on small wins. Being too ambitious with your IoT projects could ultimately affect your effort’s chances of delivering value to your company. IoT initiatives often call for significant investments, so it is unwise to burn through your budget keeping your employees tied up just to include IoT devices and initiatives across business processes.Keep in mind that you will be spending resources on something that is as rapidly changing as technology. Being conservative while you test the waters can be a good thing. Consider delivering small wins first before going all-in with the technology. You can always build up on initial successes and integrate more of IoT into your organization. November 29, 2018 This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more