18 May

Northeast braces for possible heat wave as temperatures rise throughout US

first_imgABC NewsBy MAX GOLEMBO, ABC News(NEW YORK) — There were more than 60 damaging storm reports from Colorado to Florida on Wednesday, with four reported tornadoes in Illinois.In Colorado, greater than golf ball-sized hail was reported, while in Illinois, damaging winds up to 70 mph were reported.Meanwhile, just west of New Orleans, severe storms produced roof damage and downed utility poles on Wednesday. The National Weather Service said it’s possible a tornado moved through the area.The same cold front that produced the tornadoes Wednesday will move into the eastern Great Lakes Thursday, with a threat for more tornadoes from Ohio to western Pennsylvania and New York. Damaging winds will be the biggest threat with this system, but a tornado cannot be ruled out for places like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Erie, Pennsylvania and into Buffalo, New York.After those storms, a heat wave is expected to expand over the next several days into the Great Lakes and the Northeast, including New York City.In Washington D.C., the city is approaching its all-time longest stretch of consecutive 90-plus degrees days. If D.C. hits 90 degrees or higher Thursday, it would tie for the longest streak of 21 days in a row. And there is no relief in sight, as more 90s are forecast through the weekend and into next week.Eight states are under heat advisories Thursday, from Texas to Tennessee, where a combination of temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and high humidity will make it feel like it’s 100 to 110 degrees.Over the weekend, the heat will spread into the Great Lakes and the Northeast with temps in the 90s and high humidity it will feel like it’s closer to 100 degrees from Chicago to New York City.The heat is not expected to stop on Sunday and will very likely continue into next week for the Northeast.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

9 Sep

Conte’s Plaudits for Spectacular Victor Moses

first_imgBy Femi Solaja with agency reportAfter scooping a second back-to-back Man-of-the-match award, Chelsea’s Italian Manager, Antonia Conte, has continued to shower encomiums on his Nigerian player, Victor Moses.The Super Eagles forward, Moses, has been in spectacular form for country and club in recent weeks. He capped up a superb display with a well-taken goal in Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League on Saturday.Conte was quizzed by ITV about Moses’ great run of form and the Italian did not hold back in his words of adulation for the Super Eagles man.“Victor is a good player. I saw him during the pre-season and I wanted to keep him in the squad.“It is the same with Pedro, he (Moses) deserves to play.“And he is playing some fantastic football for us. He is very important for us,” Conte said shortly after Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over Spurs.The winger said he was happy with his goal at Stamford Bridge but was even more ecstatic with the win which catapulted Chelsea back to the top of the league standings.“I am very pleased with the goal but the most important thing is the three points that we got (on Saturday).“I thought they (Spurs) started very well and the goal they scored was a beautiful goal. There was nothing we could have done about that.“But Pedro got us a beautiful goal and we got ourselves back into the game.“As I said, the three points was the most important thing and we are very pleased to have gotten it,” stressed Moses who was also instrumental in Nigeria’s victory over Algeria in the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Uyo a fortnight ago.Moses is currently enjoying the best moment of his career after spending the last three years on loan away from Stamford Bridge.The 25-year-old is feeling at home in his current surroundings.“Yeah, I have definitely found a home at Chelsea. It is my club and I am pleased to be playing this season. The manager gave me an opportunity to express myself and I am relishing it at the moment.“I am pleased with it and I just want to keep on playing my football and enjoying myself when I am out there.“We are very happy with the three points against Spurs,” he said.Moses has now scored three times in 12 league appearances for Chelsea this season. Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

20 Dec

Not done yet: Martin Jones comes up big to save Sharks’ season

first_img(CLICK HERE, if you are unable to view this photo gallery on your mobile device.)SAN JOSE — An ideal start, improved goaltending, greater attention to detail and a little more discipline.The Sharks knew all along the what the formula was for beating the Vegas Golden Knights in their first round playoff series. The hard part was actually executing the plan. It came together Thursday, as the Sharks jumped out to a two-goal lead in the first period and got 30 saves from goalie Martin …last_img read more

19 Dec

Your Eye Works a Precision Jigsaw Puzzle

first_imgYou have twin 125 megapixel video cameras in your eyeballs.  Each pixel, a rod or cone connected to a neuron, sees only a small bit of the total image.  How do these bits, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, fit together?  Scientists at the Salk Institute have found that they are finely tuned to fit together for optimum clarity.  Writing in PLoS Biology, they said,All visual information reaching the brain is transmitted by retinal ganglion cells, each of which is sensitive to a small region of space known as its receptive field.  Each of the 20 or so distinct ganglion cell types is thought to transmit a complete visual image to the brain, because the receptive fields of each type form a regular lattice covering visual space.  However, within each regular lattice, individual receptive fields have jagged, asymmetric shapes, which could produce “blind spots” and excessive overlap, degrading the visual image.  To understand how the visual system overcomes this problem, we used a multielectrode array to record from hundreds of ganglion cells in isolated patches of peripheral primate retina.  Surprisingly, we found that irregularly shaped receptive fields fit together like puzzle pieces, with high spatial precision, producing a more homogeneous coverage of visual space than would be possible otherwise.  This finding reveals that the representation of visual space by neural ensembles in the retina is functionally coordinated and tuned, presumably by developmental interactions or ongoing visual activity, producing a more precise sensory signal.In the discussion, they added, “The present results demonstrate that the visual representation in the primate retina is finely coordinated to achieve a homogeneous sampling of visual space.”  They pondered how this coordination is achieved.  Is there a one-to-one correspondence between the dendritic field (DF) and the receptive field (RF)?  Or are there overlapping layers of circuitry between that control the precision of the RF?  Bipolar cells may do this, they said.  Alternatively, inhibitory amacrine cells may tune the edges of RF shapes to prevent excessive overlap.  They also wondered how this precision is achieved during development.  Perhaps light produces cues that guide the RFs into position.  Either way, the implications are surprising.  It means that neurons don’t operate in isolation.  They follow a precision code:The present results have surprising implications for how populations of neurons produce an efficient and complete representation.  Recorded in isolation, single neurons frequently exhibit irregular response properties, suggesting that large populations must rely on averaging or interpolation to produce accurate sensory performance or behavior (e.g., see [37�39]).  The present results, however, show that in a complete population, irregular features can be integral to a finely coordinated population code.  This suggests that the nervous system operates with a higher degree of precision than previously thought, and that irregularities in individual cells may actually reflect an unappreciated aspect of neural population codes (e.g., [40]).This article was summarized on Science Daily, which stated, “scientists say their findings suggest that the nervous system operates with higher precision than previously appreciated and that apparent irregularities in individual cells may actually be coordinated and finely tuned to make the most of the world around us.”1.  Gauthier, Field, Sher, Greschner, Shlens, Litke, and Chichilnisky, “Receptive Fields in Primate Retina Are Coordinated to Sample Visual Space More Uniformly,” Public Library of Science Biology, Vol. 7, No. 4, e63 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000063.There was not one mention of evolution in this paper.  It was all coordination, information, and encoding.  As Theophilus Designsky said, Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of design. (Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

19 Dec

There’s a movement you can’t ignore…

first_img7 December 2007Heavy investment in world class infrastructure, and record levels of consumer confidence, are fuelling an economy that’s shown continuous positive growth for over a decade, in a country already rated as one of the world’s most stable and easiest with which to do business*.A recent example of this is the Industrial and commercial Bank of China, whose $5.5 billion stake in Standard Bank is not only the largest inward investment in South Africa, it’s China’s biggest financial acquisition ever*.And with our economy diversifying rapidly in preparation for the FIFA World Cup™ in 2010, we’re more than ready to compete.You see, there’s a movement here you can’t ignore. Investigate it. Invest in it. Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

17 Dec

Field work wrapping up for 2016 Between the Rows

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Jeremy Goyings, Paulding Co.We are down to the last 80 acres for strip-till. It seems like the later we go the nicer it gets. We’ve got some gorgeous strips we have made in the last week or so. The nice weather is making us want to do more work. I think we are going to throw the tile wheel back on the tractor and try to take advantage of some more nice weather. It looks like it may turn cold but we’ll stay dry so we could maybe get in another 40 or 80 acres of tile. We’ll also do a little bit of touching up on some corn stalks if we have fields that are rough from recent tile projects to level things with some light tillage.We sprayed the majority of our acres in the fall this year. We are moving more towards that. We haven’t been getting the good control with perennials by just spraying in the spring. We did the majority of our bean stubble and wheat stubble acres with either Roundup or Roundup and Brash to try and tackle some thistle and some dandelion issues to keep them at bay. It seems hard to kill those in the spring.We stick to a pretty locked-in rotation and don’t let the market dictate us. We try not to adjust the rotation based on markets because by the time you harvest it, the markets may have moved the other way on you anyway.We have locked in some basis for spring delivery but we have done very little locking in of actual price. We will probably do the majority of that from February to May on our 2016 production.I am kind of ready for snow so I can call it a year.For the rest of this week’s reports click here.last_img read more

16 Dec

Forrester: Business Intelligence Careers Offer Hope for IT Workers

first_imgTags:#enterprise#news 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… IT + Project Management: A Love Affaircenter_img klint finley As we’ve said, time’s are still tough for IT workers despite the relatively large demand for employees with technical skills. At the core of the problem seems to be a mismatch between the skill that unemployed workers have and the skills companies desire. Earlier today we explored some ideas about how IT workers can re-invent the resume to stand-out from other applicants. But what jobs should they be applying for? Data center jobs are an option. But, as reported by Integration Developer News, Forrester believes some IT workers’ future may be in business intelligence.Forrester’s research indicates an explosion of interest in BI and an increasing rate of executive buy-in for BI projects.Forrester suggests that developers, integrations professionals and database administrators are particularly well suited for careers in business intelligence. However, those workers will need to learn additional skills that can only be picked up by participating in BI projects. “Even those IT professionals who’ve worked with dashboards and databases could use an extra dose of BI-specific training,” IDN quotes Forrester vice president and principal analyst Boris Evelson saying.Evelson gave IDN four reasons that IT professionals should learn more about BI and business analytics:Organizations are increasing investment in this area.BI is not easily outsourced and requires quite a bit of face-to-face collaboration with management.BI projects need to be iterated on a frequent and ongoing basis.BI hiring is already up dramatically.So what should you do if you’re interested in learning some BI skills? It’s not enough to just learn tools, Evelson says. Professionals will need to leverage their existing technical and analytics skills while also boning up on the latest database and BI technologies.That’s the rub. It’s not easy to learn these sorts of technologies without being a part of a project. And it’s hard to get involved with a project if you don’t already have the necessary experience.Are you a BI professional? How did you get started? What advice would you offer to either IT workers looking to make a change, or to younger workers just starting a career?Image by GrapeCity Related Posts last_img read more

27 Nov

Madras Day: Real Madras captured in reel

first_imgAs Chennai turns 375 years old, it is only apt that a Tamil film titled ‘Madras’ will hit the screen in another couple of weeks. Starring popular star Karthi, the film is set in the part of the city where Madras was born.Just as the trailer says, ‘Kaali varaan’ (kaali is coming), Karthi as Kaali will soon come to a theatre near you. The film is set in Royapuram – the part of Chennai that gave Madras its name.Generally Royapuram is known for criminal activities. No, Karthi is not a rowdy. This movie gives the region a new look. Karthi is an IT professional who wants a happy life, like any Chennaiite.”This movie is just different. Starting from the title… You have a politician, a rowdy and an IT guy who are friends… Story revolves around them,” says Karthi, actor.Karthi spent days working out to lose at least 10 kgs. The first few days before the shoot began, he worked on acquiring the typical Royapuram accent and spent time in northern Chennai trying to learn about their way of life.Karthi realised that this place was as sweet as it was sensitive. He says, “There was a murder that happened there close by when we were shooting. The policeman was giving me details on how the investigation was proceeding.”The actor also trained in football for about ten days to look match fit for the role. “Yes… They wear those colourful Brazil tees and they play so well I insisted on getting trained in YMCA here,” says Karthi, who was equally enamoured by their sense of style, “they sport Mohawk. And I was surprised with their sense of fashion.”advertisementAs Chennai celebrates turning 375, ‘Madras’ the movie will be looked forward to. A chance to get a glimpse of the city’s fascinating roots.last_img read more

16 Oct

Take A Selfie With Cristiano Ronaldo For Charity

first_imgFans can now take a selfie with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo wherever and whenever they please, and help kids at the same time.Today, the master of selfies has launched his CR7Selfie: Fans with a Cause app, in which fans can take a selfie with Ronaldo in one of several different outfits and poses – in a tux, holding the European Golden Boot, singing karaoke, to name a few – then share it with their friends, family, followers and other CR7 fans on various social media platforms. Available globally on Apple App and Google Play stores, the app, developed by 7Windows Consulting, will cost €1,99 to download, with a portion of worldwide proceeds of every download going to Save the Children.“I am thrilled to launch this app to engage with my fans in a new way,” said Cristiano Ronaldo. “From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted this app to support a charitable cause I believe in. I have been involved with Save the Children for several years now and knew they were the best partner for this app. As a father and Global Artist Ambassador for Save the Children, I am committed to working towards giving all children a better and brighter future. I invite everyone to be a fan with a cause, so be sure to download the app, take a selfie with me anytime, anywhere and everywhere – and at the same time help kids in need!”In the app, fans can select from among 68 photos of Ronaldo in different outfits and poses, and scroll through 39 filters to apply to their selfies. New photos of Ronaldo will be made available at select times throughout the year through in-app purchases for 99 Euro cents each. Save the Children also will benefit from a portion of worldwide proceeds of every in-app purchase.Funds raised for Save the Children through CR7Selfie: Fans with a Cause app sales will go to giving children around the world a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. In 2015 alone, Save the Children helped 185 million children through its global work in 120 countries.Cristiano Ronaldo was named a Global Artist Ambassador for Save the Children in January 2013. With over 230 million followers on social media, the world-renowned football player regularly uses his platforms to shine a much-needed spotlight on the most pressing needs of children around the globe and to engage his fans to do more to help children in need, both in their own communities and all over the world.“We are so grateful to Cristiano Ronaldo for this new partnership and the work he has done in bringing attention to children’s issues around the world,” said Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children. “One in 11 children is out of school worldwide. Refugee children fare even worse; they are five times more likely to be out of school than non-refugee children. Education is critical to helping children build opportunities for success, as well as realize their dreams. Together, this partnership and the power of social media can have an incredible impact on children globally, opening the door to learning and other opportunities to put them on the path to reach their full potential.”To help children, supporters can download the app and smile, shoot and share with Ronaldo by visiting CR7Selfie.com, and posting and tagging their photos to @Cristiano and @SaveTheChildren on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter and Weibo.last_img read more