12 Jun

Large demo in Moscow in homage to Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov

first_img January 20, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Large demo in Moscow in homage to Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov News Receive email alerts Call issued by : Convoi Syndical pour la Tchétchénie, Comité Tchétchénie, Assemblée Européenne des Citoyens, Cedetim, FIDH, LDH, RSF, Comité Sokolov, Salp Reflex No Pasaran, Maison de l’Europe et d’Orient, Marches Européennes, NPA, Les Verts, Parti de Gauche… RSF_en News June 2, 2021 Find out more More than 1,000 people took part in yesterday’s rally in Moscow in homage to journalist Anastasia Baburova and human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov on the first anniversary of their murder. Young anti-fascist activists, representatives of human rights NGOs and above all ordinary citizens made up the unusually large crowd that defied freezing temperatures and marched with photos of Baburova and Markelov and other murdered journalists and activists such as Anna Politkovskaya and Natalia Estemirova.The mayor of Moscow had finally given permission for rallies at the departure point and finishing point but not for a march between the two. As a result, the police intervened to disperse the demonstrators during the march and to confiscate photos and posters.A large number of police also intervened at the finishing point, on Boulevard Chistoprudny, interrupting the reading of an appeal by the organising committee and grabbing the megaphone, leading to clashes and further arrests. The police said around 20 arrests were made but witnesses said more than 50 demonstrators were arrested. All were released within three hours without being charged.One of the organisers, Lev Ponomarev, the head of the NGO “For Human Rights,” nonetheless received notification of an “administrative violation” for exceeding the permitted number of demonstrators.Parallel acts of solidarity also took placed in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Omsk and Petrozavodsk and in cities abroad, including Paris.Images of the Moscow demonstration can be seen on the websites of Kommersant, Novaya Gazeta, Indymedia, LiveJournal…Or see the portfolio at the bottom of this page (Novaya Gazeta, Rubahin)—————————19.01.2010 – Support persecuted journalists and human rights activists in Russia !After initially banning it, the Moscow authorities have finally given the go-ahead for a march today in Moscow in homage to human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov and the young Novaya Gazeta reporter Anastasia Baburova, who were gunned down on a central Moscow street exactly one year ago.The march is being organised by the ad hoc “19 January Committee” to protest against the criminalisation of civil society groups in Russia and the failure to punish acts of violence by far-right-wing groups. Similar marches are being organised in other Russian and European cities.In Paris, Reporters Without Borders and many other human rights groups are relaying an appeal (see below) for support for activists in Russia who are facing intimidation, physical attacks and death threats.After hopes were raised by the arrests of two alleged members of a neo-Nazi movement in early November, the investigation into the murders of Markelov and Baburova seems to have stalled again. The alleged shooter, Nikita Tikhonov, has retracted his initial confession, blaming it on the mistreatment he received at the hands of his interrogators and the threats they made against his wife.In a 29 December submission to the prosecutor’s office, he said he was arrested 24 hours before the time given in the police report and was beaten all night. He was shown in the black mask he wore at the time of his arrest in order to hide the marks of the blows he had received. A judge has ordered that Tikhonov and the other suspect, Yevgeniya Khasis, be held until 19 April pending further investigation.The Federal Security Service (FSB) said it suspected that the same neo-Nazi group was responsible for some of the other political murders that have taken place in recent years. While hailing an apparent determination to finally combat extreme right-wing groups which had previously taken advantage of official laxness, human rights activists have voiced concern that a scapegoat has been found to mask the continuing impunity for such acts of violence.Baburova and Markelov were gunned down after a news conference at which Markelov had condemned the early release of Yuri Budanov, an army colonel who was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2003 for strangling a young Chechen woman. As a journalist, Baburova covered neo-Nazi movement and the resurgence of racism.(Photo: AFP)——————————Call for justice and solidarity one year after murders of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia BaburovaRally at the Fontaine des Innocents in Les Halles, in the 1st arrondissement of ParisTuesday, 19 January at 5:30 p.m. Two Russian journalists persecuted for investigating police corruption May 5, 2021 Find out more Follow the news on Russia Organisation center_img Russian media boss drops the pretence and defends Belarus crackdown RussiaEurope – Central Asia News RussiaEurope – Central Asia As the French government begins celebrating the Year of Russia in France, we, international solidarity activists, trade unionists, civil society representatives, human rights activists and friends of those who defend their rights in Russia and the Caucasus, call for a rally in Paris at the same time as the rallies taking place in Russia in protest against political murders.We want to use this occasion to condemn the repression, murders and physical violence of which they have been so many victims in the past year in Russia, including the two who were murdered on 19 January 2009, Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer who defended civil society activists, trade unionists and human rights activists, and Novaya Gazeta journalist Anastasia Baburova.The victims of the past few months have also included anti-fascist activists Feodor Filatov and Ivan Khutorskoy, Memorial representative in Grozny Natalia Estemirova, Zarema Sadulayeva of the Chechen NGO “Save Our Generation” and her husband, and head of Ingush opposition Maksharip Aushev. The victims of the dozens of murders and hundreds of racist attacks that have taken place in Russian, including Sergei Nikolayev and Bair Sambuyev, must also be added to this list.We take this opportunity to point out that armed gangs, paramilitary militias and racists continue to act with complete impunity; that the state itself has been responsible for some of this violence, and when it has not been responsible, the judicial and police authorities have been the accomplices because of their inaction and their lies. No “Year of Russia” should overlook this situation.• We support those who are campaigning for both the perpetrators and instigators of these crimes to be brought to trial.• Alongside them, we oppose the attacks on union rights and basic freedoms.• While the French government celebrates the “Year of Russia,” we condemn the growing tendency in Russia and the North Caucasus to repress and criminalise civil society’s attempts to resist. May 21, 2021 Find out more to go further News Listed as a “foreign agent”, Russia’s most popular independent website risks disappearing Help by sharing this information last_img read more

12 Jun

Journalist’s murder causes great concern

first_img Reporters Without Borders said today it was “extremely concerned” about the 1 September murder of Venezuelan journalist Mauro Marcano, who had reported on corruption and drug trafficking. “His death is very troubling because of the nature of his work,” the worldwide press freedom organisation added in a letter to the country’s prosecutor-general, Isaias Rodríguez. “We urge you to give investigators all means to find out why he was killed and arrest those responsible. Until this crime is solved, journalists in the region will feel under threat.” Marcano, who was also a local political figure, was shot dead by two gunmen as he left his home in the town of Maturín, in the northeastern state of Monagas. He was hit in the head and in one leg. Police said it was the work of professional hitmen. Marcano presented a daily programme on Radio Maturín 1.080 AM and wrote a weekly column called “Sin Bozal” (“Unmuzzled”) in the local daily El Oriental. He had often exposed drug trafficking in the region, as well as scandals involving businessmen and politicians. His last column, on 31 August, reported that several kilos of cocaine had vanished after being seized by local police.He was also a non-party member of the Maturín town council. Reporting his death on 2 September, El Oriental called him a “tireless social campaigner” who was “much loved for defending ordinary people’s interests.” “His voice and his pen never wavered even when making the most dangerous revelations, especially about drug trafficking,” it said. Marcano had four children. Help by sharing this information August 25, 2020 Find out more Two journalists murdered just days apart in Venezuela Follow the news on Venezuela Organisation News Receive email alerts September 8, 2004 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Journalist’s murder causes great concern Journalist Mauro Marcano was shot dead by two gunmen as he left his home in Maturín (Monagas state).  He had exposed corruption and drug trafficking and was also a local town councillor.  “Until this crime is solved, journalists in the region will feel under threat,” Reporters Without Borders said. January 13, 2021 Find out more RSF_en News to go further News VenezuelaAmericas News New wave of censorship targeting critical media outlets VenezuelaAmericas June 15, 2020 Find out more Coronavirus “information heroes” – journalism that saves liveslast_img read more

14 Aug

Wellington Police Notes: Friday, June 5 to Sunday, June 7, 2015

first_imgWellington Police notes: Friday, June 5 to Sunday, June 7, 2015Friday, June 5, 2015•9:31 a.m. Officers took a report of found ceramic pig ornament in the 600 block E. Harvey, Wellington.•10:10 a.m. Brian L. Jones, 46, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for speeding 65 mph in a 55 mph zone.•12:05 p.m. Officer took a report of suspicious activity in the 100 block W. 8th, Wellington.•12:07 p.m. Officers took a report of a child in need of care in the 1000 block W. Shadylane Court, Wellington.•12:35 p.m. Officer investigated a battery and disorderly conduct by a known suspect(s) in the 300 block S. Woodlawn, Wellington.•1:59 p.m. Jeffrey T Jack, 52, Wichita, was issued a notice to appear and charged with disobey stop sign, no proof of insurance and display incorrect license plate.•5:20 p.m. Hit and run on private property accident in the 2000 block E. 16th, Wellington involving an unknown vehicle and a pedestrian Jessica L. Derixson, Argonia.•6:54 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 100 block S. Plum, Wellington.•9:10 p.m. Jason T. Helpingstine, 36, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for no tag light and drivers’ license violation.Saturday, June 6, 2015•1:28 a.m. Nathan S. Tracy, 24, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for disobeyed stop sign.•1:51 a.m. Sean R. McCue, 45, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for defective headlight and no proof of insurance.•4:03 a.m. Abby R. Henderson, 30, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for no proof of insurance, drivers’ license violation and illegal registration.•8:30 a.m. Thomas W Weaver, 60, Wellington, was issued a notice to appear for improper turn.•9:42 a.m. Officer investigated an animal bite in the 400 block E. Maple, Wellington.•12:14 p.m. Officers investigated a stalking in the 1100 block W. 8th, Wellington by known suspect.•3 p.m. Daniel D. Jones, 62, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for speeding 42 mph in a 30 mph zone.•3:30 p.m. David W. Anderson, 34, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•4 p.m. Tara L. Henton, 25, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for speeding 40 mph in a 30 mph zone.•8 p.m. Molly D. Smith, 21, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation and no proof of insurance.•8:08 p.m. Michael A. Trosclair, 36, Wichita, was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•8:43 p.m. Amber L. C Norwood, 26, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for no proof of insurance and defective windshield.•9:27 p.m. Sherrie A. Wambolt, 58, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for disobeyed stop sign.•9:44 p.m. Heather M. Pingry, 31, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for defective tag light.•9:50 p.m. Nichlas A. Rico, 38, Mulvane, was issued a notice to appear for defective taillight.•10 p.m. Clifford L. Barney, 46, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for disobeyed stop sign.•10:43 p.m. Juvenile male, 16, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for defective tag light.Sunday, June 7, 2015•12:14 a.m. Jacob R. Ginn, 35, Caldwell, was issued a notice to appear for no proof of insurance and defective tag light.•2:07 a.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 300 block E. 9th, Wellington.•2:45 a.m. Jarrod M. F. McEachern, 18, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for no proof of insurance and defective tag light.•10:46 a.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 100 block SW Lake Road, Mayfield.•3:05 p.m. Gretchen E. Zech-Donaldson, 49, Wichita, was issued a notice to appear for speeding 47 mph in a 30 mph zone.•5:50 p.m. Jessica A. Wallace, 41, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for speeding 46 mph in a 35 mph zone.•8:05 p.m. Louise L. Brock, 40, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation and drivers’ license violation.•8:08 p.m. Kimberly A. Dick, 34, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for defective headlight.•8:18 p.m. Robert F. Jenkins, Jr., 68, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•8:32 p.m. Jessica D. Ray, 32, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for disobeyed stop sign.•9:28 p.m. Officers investigated a burglary and criminal trespass by a known suspect in the 400 block S. G, Wellington.•James R. Kessinger Jr., 22, Wellington was arrested, charged and confined with burglary and criminal trespass.•10:42 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 300 block S. Elm, Wellington.last_img read more

3 Aug

Leafs drop two straight during Eddie Mountain road trip

first_imgThe six-foot, 170-pound Fyfe was out of hockey after being traded to Peninsula Panthers of the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League from Creston Valley Thunder Cats of the KIJHL.Fernie dominated the game, out shooting the Leafs 55-30.Adam Maida was in goal for Nelson.Friday, Nelson could not solve the Columbia Valley netminder Jason Sandhu en route to the shutout loss.Sandhu stopped all 25 shots Nelson registers.Harrison Davies, Sam Young and Malcolm Fenelon scored for the Rockies past Nelson goalie Joey Karrer.Nelson returns to the NDCC Arena for action Friday against Creston Valley Thunder Cats.Game time is 7 p.m.Nelson plays four if its next five games at home to round out the month of January.LEAF NOTES: Despite clinching a playoff berth, Nelson could run itself right into fourth spot in the division and a first-round series against defending KIJHL champion Beaver Valley should the Heritage City franchise not right the ship, and soon. Spokane trails Nelson by two points in Murdoch Division standings. . . . Nelson lost Patrick Croome during the second period against Fernie after the Leafs defenceman was issued a game misconduct. Croome was back in the lineup for the weekend trip after being out with injury since November 22. . . . Nelson also saw the return of forward Blair Andrews to the lineup. Andrews has played three games since being injuried December 5 against Golden. . . . Matt MacDonald, Aaron Brewer, Dylan Williamson and Brandon Chow all did not play during the weekend due to injury. The Nelson Leafs weekend excursion into the Eddie Mountain Division proved to rank right up there with a National Lampoon Vegas vacation.The injury-riddled Leafs lost two straight — 5-1 Saturday to Fernie and 3-0 Friday to Columbia Valley — Kootenay International Junior Hockey League games to fall into third spot in the Murdoch Division — five points behind Beaver Valley Nitehawks.The two losses ran Nelson winless streak to three games.Five different players scored for the Ghostriders in the romp over the Leafs.Fernie snapped a 1-1 game with three second-period goals.Derek Georgopoulos, Aaron Neufeld, Doan Smith, Joel Burgess and Tayler Sincenness scored for Fernie.Newcomer Tyler Fyfe scored his first goal for Nelson.last_img read more

20 Dec

Not done yet: Martin Jones comes up big to save Sharks’ season

first_img(CLICK HERE, if you are unable to view this photo gallery on your mobile device.)SAN JOSE — An ideal start, improved goaltending, greater attention to detail and a little more discipline.The Sharks knew all along the what the formula was for beating the Vegas Golden Knights in their first round playoff series. The hard part was actually executing the plan. It came together Thursday, as the Sharks jumped out to a two-goal lead in the first period and got 30 saves from goalie Martin …last_img read more

27 Oct

North Texas Trolls Tennessee On Twitter Regarding Field Conditions

first_imgA North Texas fan paints the ground with green paint.north texas trolls tennessee on twitterNorth Texas is in town to take on Tennessee this Saturday, and it appears that the Mean Green aren’t impressed with what they’re seeing at Neyland Stadium. Tennessee’s field doesn’t appear to be in great condition, and people have noticed. North Texas appears to be annoyed enough to make a joke about it on social media too.Check this out:Pretty sure this is what took place at Neyland Stadium on Friday. #GMG pic.twitter.com/IVtS2o1T4o— MeanGreenFootball (@MeanGreenFB) November 14, 2015Here’s more reaction – even Tennessee fans seem upset.You would think an SEC program could take better care of the grass on the field #Tennessee— John Chelf (@JohnChelf) November 14, 2015You would think there’s enough money at Tennessee to fix the field. This is awful.— Please win out (@Rick__Baird) November 14, 2015Time for the Tennessee donors to put a new field in it seems— Austin Comperry (@AustinComperry) November 14, 2015Tennessee currently leads 17-0 in the second quarter.last_img read more

13 Oct

Super Bowl Ads shy from politics and mind their manners

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Peyton Manning takes a family to Universal Parks & Resorts. Chris Pratt works out to get in shape to tout Michelob Ultra. Bill Hader takes a break on set to snack on some Pringles.This year’s Super Bowl advertisers are minding their manners. They’re trying hard to steer clear of everything from politics to the #MeToo movement with lightly humorous ads that don’t offend.The goal is to capture the attention of the 111 million-plus viewers expected to tune in Sunday when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots. Thirty-second slots are going for more than $5 million for airtime alone.Last year, ads that tackled political issues fell flat, like an 84 Lumber ad about immigration. And some thought the recent Grammy Awards’ low ratings were because the show contained too many political moments, such as Hillary Clinton reading from the Trump biography “Fire and Fury.”People are in the mood for “political-free entertainment,” said Kim Whitler, a marketing professor at the University of Virginia.Several ads will be taking a light-humour approach with mostly male celebrities. PepsiCo brands Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice are showcased in two 30-second linked spots showing Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage in a lip-sync rap battle.In a Pringles ad , Bill Hader has a snack on set and introduces a made-up practice dubbed “flavour stacking,” in which he mixes and matches different Pringles varieties. M&Ms enlisted Danny DeVito to embody what happens when a red M&M becomes a person after wishing on a lucky penny.Keanu Reeves surfs on his motorcycle through the desert in an ad for Squarespace. Chris Elliott lives in a bio dome to tout avocados from Mexico, while “Stranger Things” star David Harbour shows up in Tide’s commercial.“They’re light hearted and good natured,” Whitler said. “That’s on target with the mood of the country.”“We’re exposed to so much constant negativity,” said Andy Goeler, a marketing executive at Bud Light. “Delivering something just light hearted and fun is the root at what beer is all about.” The brand’s two spots showcase a mythical kingdom a la “Game of Thrones” centred on Bud Light and the catchphrase “Dilly Dilly.”Amazon’s 90-second fourth-quarter ad stars a bevy of celebrities who sub for the voice of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant: singer Cardi B, actress Rebel Wilson, star chef Gordon Ramsey and even actor Anthony Hopkins putting a Hannibal Lector spin on things. Leading up to the halftime show, Pepsi’s ad references past celebrities who have appeared in Pepsi Super Bowl ads: Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Cindy Crawford and others.Nonetheless, two Super Bowl ads are bucking the trend and sidling up to political issues, however obliquely.Coca-Cola’s anthemic 60-second ad features varieties of Coke, from Coke Zero to the stevia-flavoured Coke Life, quaffed by women, men and a person who uses the “they” pronoun.“There’s a Coke for he, and she and her and me and them,” a voiceover states.Coca-Cola executives say the ad highlights the diversity the company has always used in its advertising, adding that they consulted African-American and LGBTQ groups among its own employees. A biracial couple and a person in a wheelchair also appear in the spot.“We want to celebrate all the people that make up the world,” Coca-Cola executive Brynn Bardacke said. “We don’t want to exclude anyone.”On the other hand, WeatherTech, which makes car mats and other interior car products, has a staunchly pro-American approach in its ad, which shows the construction of a factory that opened late last year.“At WeatherTech, we built our factory right here in America,” the ad’s text reads. “Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?”It’s the fifth year WeatherTech has advertised in the Super Bowl touting its all-American operations. Founder and CEO David MacNeil said his ad doesn’t have typical Super Bowl accoutrements — “no ponies, no puppies, no pretty girls” — but said it’s straight to the point about its message.“Isn’t it just logical to build your own factory in your own country so your own fellow citizens can have jobs?” he said. He said he doesn’t believe the ad might be divisive. “It wouldn’t occur to me that I could offend anyone by supporting my own country,” he said.While the majority of advertisers release their ads ahead of time to try to drum up publicity, there are some holdouts. Fiat Chrysler usually appears during the game without advance warning. Other advertisers that have remained mum about their plans so far include E-Trade and Monster Products.“It may be that advertisers with risky ads are waiting for the game, hoping to protect the surprise and break through the clutter,” said Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Northwestern University.last_img read more

13 Oct

Analyst says shippers switching to CP Rail as CN Rail service deteriorates

first_imgService on Canadian National Railway Co. has deteriorated to the point that clients are switching their cargoes to rival Canadian Pacific Railway, Walter Spracklin, a financial analyst for RBC Dominion Securities, said Thursday.But a spokesman for the Montreal-based company said many of the short-term service problems are weather related and the company is investing capital to address other longer term concerns.Recent complaints about CN service by the CEO of energy services firm Halliburton, along with service disruptions on CN lines in areas such as the Port of Prince Rupert terminal in British Columbia, have raised questions among CN investors and caused “irreparable damage” to shipper relationships, Spracklin charged in a report.Spracklin said weekly performance numbers show CN’s train speeds are down 17 per cent year-over-year compared with nine per cent for the railway group, and “dwell” — the time trains spend stopped at a terminal — is up a “staggering” 43 per cent compared to the group’s nine per cent.“We highlight that CP has the capacity to handle the higher volume, and that they are negotiating new business away from CN — but on terms that are favourable to CP (to avoid experiencing similar “digestion issues”),” he wrote in the report.“We expect continued negative news flow on disruptions and disclosure of further customer shifts, which in our view will make CN’s premium valuation less appealing and as a result we expect further shifting from CN over to CP.”CN spokesman Patrick Waldron responded that winter weather in Western Canada has been so severe it forced CN to run shorter trains about 75 per cent of the time, which means more trains are needed for the same volumes.“This combined with increased volume levels across our business has resulted in congestion for all commodities and customers along our busy Chicago-to-Edmonton mainline corridor,” he said in an email.“We are working with our customers to manage all traffic and clear backlogs for all of customers in the coming weeks.”He said CN Rail is buying and leasing locomotives and hiring and training hundreds of new employees, adding CN’s $3.2-billion capital program in 2018 will address infrastructure pinch points and add capacity.Waldron didn’t address the question of whether the railway is losing customers to rival railways.Analyst Daniel Sherman of Edward Jones said in a report issued after the railway posted disappointing 2017 results that it appears to have expanded volume on its network beyond its capacity.“We anticipate that management will catch capacity up to demand as we move through 2018,” the report said.Follow @HealingSlowly on Twitter.Companies in this story (TSX:CNR, TSX:CP)last_img read more

12 Oct

GoAir withdraws boarding passes with photos of PM Gujarat CM

first_imgNew Delhi: GoAir has withdrawn its boarding passes with photographs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, the airline said on Tuesday, a day after Air India rolled back its passes with images of the two leaders.The airline had taken a “cue from the Election Code of Conduct”, a GoAir spokesperson said, adding that its team in Srinagar inadvertently used unused stock of “Vibrant Gujarat” paper. GoAir’s Srinagar Airport team inadvertently utilized unused stock of Vibrant Gujarat related paper which took place in January 18-20, 2019 for issuing boarding passes at the said airport. It was unintentional. Taking cue from the Election Code of Conduct we have instructed our airport teams to stop utilizing this type of paper with immediate effect, the spokesperson said in a statement. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’On Monday, Air India decided to do the same after the issue ignited controversy on social media. Its boarding passes were also from the Vibrant Gujarat summit with photographs of the two leaders. Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah tweeted on Monday evening that he was on a GoAir flight on Sunday and it “also had a similar boarding pass with the PM’s photo on it”. An Air India spokesperson said on Monday that the boarding passes were printed during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit held in January this year and the photographs were part of the advertisement from ‘third parties’. “Air India has decided to roll back the boarding passes of Vibrant Gujarat which had photos of the prime minister and the Gujarat chief minister,” said Dhananjay Kumar.last_img read more

28 Sep

Twitter ban instituted for Ohio State football players

Following Ohio State football’s 24-17 loss to Florida in the 2012 Gator Bowl, members of the team are turning the page on this past season and turning off their Twitter accounts. Several players confirmed after the Monday loss to the Gators in Jacksonville, Fla., that new OSU head coach Urban Meyer had scheduled a 7 a.m. Tuesday meeting with non-senior members of the program. At the meeting, the team was informed that Twitter use would be banned, according to several players’ Twitter accounts. The OSU athletic department did not immediately respond to The Lantern’s request for comment regarding the team’s new social media guidelines. Players took their Twitter accounts to alert the public to the new policy. From his Twitter account, @STONEYeleven, junior tight end Jake Stoneburner said at approximately 1 p.m.: “Twitter=Done. Me=back for senior year, leading this team, and shocking the world!! #gobucks #12-0″ Junior tight end Reid Fragel commented on the newly implemented Twitter ban from his account, @FRAGEL88, at around noon Tuesday, saying: “New staff new rules. No more twitter, not a big deal and probably for the better. Love our fans, love this place. Go Bucks #2012” Not every player praised the social media ban. From his account, @phillybrown10, sophomore wide receiver Corey “Philly” Brown said: “I’m not leaving my followers lol.” Meyer, along with his new coaching staff, assumed control of the football team following OSU’s Monday loss in the bowl game. read more