2 Mar

New Dweezil Zappa Interview Fuels Speculation That Phish Will Cover Zappa On Halloween

first_imgFor the record, this is clearly just a rumor. However, when the son of Frank Zappa puts the words Phish and “whole night of my Father’s music” next to each other, well, let’s just say our interests are piqued.In a new interview with the Missoulian ahead of Dweezil Zappa’s upcoming performance at The Wilma, Dweezil Zappa was asked about how Frank Zappa would feel about the feuding between the Zappa siblings. The guitarist responded, “I think he would be horribly disappointed at how everything has been handled by my mom, and now my brother and sister… Phish can do a whole night of my father’s music, and they don’t get a cease and desist letter, but I do?”Phish has never done “a whole night” of Frank Zappa music in their career. Of course this is speculation, but really the only time it would make sense for them to do a night of Zappa’s music would be at their upcoming Halloween performance.The band is very strongly influenced by Frank Zappa; though only one song is officially in their repertoire (“Peaches En Regalia”), Jon Fishman released a Zappa Picks compilation album a few years ago. The band also strongly considered a Zappa album for their Halloween show in 1995, but, according to Phish.net, “insanely complex overdubs, potentially offensive lyrics, and several tunes (esp. “Watermelon in Easter Hay”) that Zappa had requested never be performed live again” caused the band to reroute their practices to The Who’s Quadrophenia for that show.Additionally, there is the timing to consider. The “cease and desist letters” didn’t become a part of Dweezil’s life until this year, so it stands to reason that this comment refers to something that has happened recently, as opposed to an older reference. Furthermore, the band’s decision to play on a Monday for Halloween must mean that they have something in store for the performance.On the other hand, Dweezil – who probably isn’t as nerdy about Phish stats as we are – could just be making a sarcastic comment to emphasize his point. Phish more or less swore off of musical costume sets when they broke from tradition with the Wingsuit set of 2013, and continued that new trend with their Chilling, Thrilling Sounds performance in 2014. While the Halloween show could be a Zappa tribute that doesn’t pick on a particular album, this could all just be nothing but the hopes and dreams of Zappa/Phish fans blowing a quote out of proportion.While we won’t really know until we’re handed a “Phishbill” on October 31st at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, it’s certainly fun to speculate about what might be planned for that fateful evening. Until then, we have three nights at Dick’s and a whole fall tour ahead! See you there!last_img read more

20 Dec

Interview with Brazilian Rear Adm. Lima Filho, Head of Maritime Operations, PANAMAX 2012

first_img Brazilian Rear Admiral Wilson Pereira de Lima Filho is a man used to commanding vessels during simulated war exercises. During April 2012, onboard the flagship of Operation ADEREX-I, in the maritime area between Rio de Janeiro and Santos, he was responsible for coordinated antisubmarine actions and the transfer of oil at sea. Now, he is in charge of the naval component of PANAMAX 2012, a military exercise focused on protecting and guaranteeing the safe passage of commercial traffic through the Panama Canal, maintaining its neutrality and respecting Panama’s sovereignty. Despite having a very tight agenda during this temporary assignment (PANAMAX ends on August 17), Rear Adm. Lima Filho took some time from his busy schedule to talk to Diálogo. By Dialogo August 15, 2012 DIÁLOGO: What does it mean for you and Brazil to head this part of the exercise for the first time? DIÁLOGO: What will Brazil bring to the exercise as a whole and to the U.S. in particular? DIÁLOGO: How will this mission be achieved on the Brazilian side? Rear Admiral Wilson Pereira de Lima Filho: On the PANAMAX 2012 Operation, Brazil is the Combined Force Maritime Component Commander (CFMCC), coordinating the actions of the 17 participating nations in order to assure the free navigation on the Panama Canal. Rear Adm. Lima Filho: It was with enormous satisfaction that the Commander of the Brazilian Navy, Admiral Julio Soares de Moura Neto, accepted this invitation. For me as Brazilian Admiral, it is a great honor to participate in an operation with the magnitude of the CFMCC, as the second largest delegation after the U.S., with the participation of so many partner nations. In my view, PANAMAX offers an opportunity to learn from each other in an environment of high-level training. DIÁLOGO: How will Brazil benefit from the exercise and from leading the maritime portion of it? Rear Adm. Lima Filho: Brazil will benefit by exchanging experiences and sharing information among the participants, thus enhancing the friendship between our nations and our navies. To finalize this interview, I wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude (of all CFMCC members) to the Commander of the U.S. Fourth Fleet, for the invaluable support provided to us throughout the exercise. UNITED BY THE SEA! Rear Adm. Lima Filho: Colombia is an important Brazilian partner, just like all participating nations in this exercise, so in their role of Combined Force Land Component Commander, it shares with us a huge joint effort in search of greater interaction. DIÁLOGO: What is your role during Panamax 2012? Rear Adm. Lima Filho: Brazil comes to this exercise with enthusiasm and professionalism, with a Joint Staff composed of 25 Officers from different sectors of the Navy, distributed among various areas of specialty, in order to share lessons learned, such as its responsibility as Commander of the United Nations Maritime Task Force in Lebanon, which the Brazilian Navy is currently in charge of. We are very proud to know that we are going to have Rear Admiral Lima Filho to command our Navy in Operation Panamax and other operations. So much professionalism and enthusiasm! DIÁLOGO: Is there a joint effort with Colombia, as it leads the Combined Force Land Component? Rear Adm. Lima Filho: To accomplish this mission, as CFMCC, we will execute Maritime Security Operations, Maritime Interdiction Operations, and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, with intense interaction to the others components – Land, Air and Special Operations. last_img read more