2 Mar

The Jauntee Share New Live Jaunt Release From Paradise Rock Club [Listen]

first_imgJam rockers The Jauntee continue their live series today, with the release of their Live Jaunt album from the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA. The show on 11/25/16 was support from Twiddle, and featured some great work from the up and coming jammers.Check out the show on Bandcamp, with a pay-what-you-want download, or stream the tracks below.<a href=”http://thejauntee.bandcamp.com/album/2016-11-25-paradise-rock-club-boston-ma”>2016-11-25 &#8211; Paradise Rock Club &#8211; Boston, MA by The Jauntee</a>Setlist: The Jauntee | Paradise Rock Club | Boston, MA | 11/25/16Dirty George >Dirty Job*Mammoth RelaxesBlack Bart ->Hey Pocky A-Way+ ->When the Love Is#I Wanna Love You* “Butterfly” tease+ “Puppy In My Pocket” tease and jam, “Little Drummer Boy” tease# “Streets of Cairo” teaseDon’t miss The Jauntee with Digital Frontier on Valentine’s Day at American Beauty! Tickets are available here.last_img read more

17 Jan

‘Magic’ Carving.

first_img While the fruit is still small — the size of a softball — make shallow cuts or ballpoint pen markings about one-eighth of an inch deep in the rind. Be creative. Draw a jack-o’-lantern face or a child’s name or any other design. The pumpkin will heal these wounds with scar tissue. And as it grows, these scars will expand. The face, name or design etched into the young fruit will become larger, raised and rough, and clearly visible. What a delight for a child to find at harvest a pumpkin with his or her name on it, or a face smiling up at them. Start Early Pumpkins are magical, and not just as a golden coach for Cinderella. Growing most of the summer and into the fall, they require patience and persistence in your garden. But they pay off in lots of ways. High in vitamin A, pumpkins can be cooked into pies, soups, casseroles, breads, cookies and seed snacks. Or you can carve them into Jack-o’-lanterns. They come in sizes from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds. “Magic carving” is a special advantage of growing your own pumpkins, especially for parents. Watch Them Grow From mid-August to harvest time in October, pumpkins grow at an amazing rate. It can be fun to measure them and keep a progress record. But be careful not to break their fragile stems. If you just can’t manage a pumpkin patch, see if you can arrange with a pick-your-own grower to engrave some pumpkins for your family only. Then when your children go to pick their pumpkins, they would find them with their own names on them.last_img read more

19 Oct

PREMIUMFrom robots to power suits, Japan gears up for high-tech Olympics

first_imgFacebook Japan is all set to host the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics with up-to-date technology to support the summer event amid concerns of security and health.The Tokyo Olympics Game 2020 Organizing Committee’s press relations project director Michiko Makino said the event would make use of Japanese technology. The technology includes human support robots and delivery support robots developed by Toyota Motor Corp. to help spectators, especially those in wheelchairs, such as by carrying food and other items, guiding people to seats and providing information.Power assist suits developed by Panasonic Corp. will unload and transport heavy objects, easing human workload with a healthier and safer working environment. “There are more technologies in the pipeline and we will reveal more this year,” Makino told ASEAN reporters during a visit to the … Topics : Linkedin Forgot Password ? Google Log in with your social account LOG INDon’t have an account? Register here Japan Olympic-Games 2020-Tokyo-Olympic-Games 2020-Summer-Olympic-Games sporting-eventlast_img read more

23 Sep

Ison sentenced to 2 years for stealing prescription drugs

first_imgVersailles, IN—Wednesday, Rhonda Ison,53, of Moores Hill, was sentenced by Ripley County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Sharp to 2 years with 6 months suspended to probation for actions related to the theft of 190 prescription pain pills while working as the Director of Nursing at Manderley Healthcare in Osgood, IN.  Prior to sentencing, Ison pled guilty to Failure to Make, Keep, or Furnish Records of the Dispensing and/or Destruction of a Controlled Substance, a Level 6 Felony, and Theft, a Class A Misdemeanor where she faced a sentencing range of 6 months to 2 ½ years. During the Sentencing Hearing, Kyle Negangard of Manderley Healthcare testified about the details of Ison’s crimes and the significant negative impact they have had on his family’s business.  Negangard explained that he and his family had received information from other nurses in the facility that believed Ison was stealing pills rather than following proper pill destruction procedure.  As a result, the facility promptly installed a camera in the medicine room to observe whether proper procedure was being followed.  Within hours of the camera being installed, Ison was captured on video taking 190 prescription pain pills (Hydrocodone and Oxycontin) and falsifying paperwork that indicated she had destroyed them pursuant to proper procedure.  The pills left for destruction belonged to patients who had recently passed away prior to those pills being distributed. Negangard testified that Ison’s crimes were extremely hurtful to his family because they trusted her as their lead nurse.  Immediately upon discovering what Ison had done, Negangard contacted the police and the state licensing board.  The Negangard family knew reporting these crimes would leave them susceptible to potential fines and negative effects of their business, but they wanted to do the right thing and make sure Ison would be prevented from having the opportunity to victimize anyone else.  Further, Negangard stated that Ison’s actions have caused the facility to have to work extremely hard to regain the trust of the facility’s nurses, residents, and residents’ families that Manderley Healthcare has earned over the past five decades as a healthcare provider in the community.   At the Sentencing Hearing, Chief Deputy Prosecutor Shane A. Tucker argued that Ison’s theft of such a high number of pills, the significant impact her crimes have had on the victim, her violation of trust not only to her employer but to the facilities resident’s and the residents’ families, and her lack of remorse for her actions justified an aggravated sentence.   Ison’s attorney requested that the Court take into consideration that she has no prior criminal history and a dependent child at home.  The Court agreed with the State and sentenced Ison to 2 years in jail with 6 months suspended to probation while emphasizing that, based on Ison’s conduct, she should never be put in a position of trust with patients ever again. In reference to the case, Prosecuting Attorney Ric Hertel wanted to complement the Osgood Police Department for their investigation and Manderley Healthcare for their diligence in reporting Ison’s crimes and their cooperation throughout the pendency of the case.  Further, he stated, “Ison’s conduct and violation of trust negatively impacted some of our community’s most vulnerable, those who require the care and support facilities like Manderley Healthcare provide.  Her conduct warrants the aggravated sentence she received.”last_img read more

23 Sep

Police Blotter 04-15-2020

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12 Jan

Ram cites Petrotrin’s failure as corruption, inefficiencies

first_img…warns Guyana Govt to consider this before deciding to use PetrotrinNow that the suggestion is being touted that the Guyana Government should consider partnering with neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) to utilise its oil refinery (Petrotrin) and save that facility from total collapse, outspoken social activist and chartered accountant Christopher Ram has said that company’s history must first be studied.Christopher RamRam told Guyana Times on Tuesday that both countries belong to the same common economic area and have a vested interest in ensuring growth in the entire bloc. As such, he thinks the David Granger-led Administration can cooperatively work with not only Trinidad, but other countries, to the benefit of Guyana.However, the chartered accountant said his major concern is what led to the failure of Petrotrin. This, he opined, had to do partly with corruption and partly with inefficiencies.“After our mindboggling incompetence with the oil contract, I don’t think I would recommend entrusting the end product of the sector in the hands of Trinidad, which has done such a poor job in its oil and gas sector,” he asserted.Individuals in civil society have raised concerns over the idea of Guyana utilizing the T&T oil refinery, claiming the Trinidadians, not Guyanese, are likely to benefit from that arrangement.Ram says the argument has merit, but the question must be asked whether Guyana is prepared as a country to build its own refinery.“Are we prepared as a country, to build our own refinery? If we can enter into a refining agreement with T&T with strong guarantees and on terms that are competitive; if anything else, I think it is something we should consider,” he said.Besides that, Ram also believes that given the volume of production that constitutes Guyana’s share, Government has to begin thinking about refining its own oil. He feels that unless Guyana can get the oil onshore, the country will never see the true benefits of that particular opportunity.As such, he said, at this point, everything should be looked at, and nothing should be taken off the table. He also criticised comments made by former Minister of the Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, criticising the idea about the oil refinery which was pitched by former Prime Minister of T&T, Kamla Persad-Bissessar.Robert Persaud has said Guyana should not be used as a ‘rainy-day friend,’ as the asset-rich country is due to become the next largest oil and gas economy of the Caribbean. But Ram said, “He was just trying to inject himself in Guyana’s affairs, and rules out something that I’m not sure he had enough time to think about,” he observed.Persad-Bissessar, who happens to be the twin island republic’s Opposition Leader, said to the Trinidadian press recently that she believes her country should attempt to partner with Guyana, as oil production is set to begin here in 2020.She said even if Guyana moves to build its own refinery in the future, the Petrotrin facility can still be used in the initial years of oil production.In response, Vice-President and Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge, said the idea is good in principle, but would need to be discussed further.“The cost associated with the processing by the specific facility; volume is another dimension; and then there are a number of other issues to be examined, as far as I am aware,” he told sections of the local media.Greenidge also noted that the two governments would sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the end of September. “Guyana and Trinidad are looking at an MoU covering energy, and there will be, later this month, a conclusion of that MoU,” he said.In May 2018, Pedro Haas, Director of Advisory Services at Hartree Partners, conducted a feasibility study for an oil refinery in Guyana, estimating that it would cost approximately US$5 billion to construct a refinery producing 100 barrels per day.Following that study, there were several discussions in regard to whether Guyana could afford such a facility. Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman had stated previously that Government would not be going ahead with constructing an oil refinery. He said Government cannot afford such a large investment, but at the same time, he welcomed such investments by the private sector.In fact, the Natural Resources Minister had said that talks were buzzing about building a much smaller modular oil refinery, and Government is prepared to give favourable consideration that can meet good standards and guidelines.Petrotrin has a refining capacity of 140,000 barrels per day. (Samuel Sukhnandan)last_img read more